What is SecureSite and how does it work?
    SecureSiteSM is a security feature of Start Right offering added protection for your account.

    What is SecureSiteSM?
    SecureSiteSM is a security feature offered by Start Right designed to protect your account with an additional authentication layer. This extra layer of protection lowers your risk for identity theft and unauthorized access to your accounts.

    If you login from a computer we do not recognize, we will issue a challenge question. Once you successfully answer the challenge question you can view your account information.
    How does SecureSiteSM work?
    When you login to Start Right, SecureSiteSM will check to see if it recognizes your computer as one you've used before to access your accounts online. You will see the choice to "Remember This Computer" when you enroll or when you first login from a computer we do not recognize.

    You can choose to remember (or register) more than one computer tied to your account, for example, if you login from both a work computer and a home computer.

    We do not recommend choosing "Remember This Computer" if you are working on a public computer, again to protect your account from any unauthorized access.

    If you login from a computer we do not recognize, you will need to successfully answer a challenge question to proceed to your account information.
    Why do I need SecureSiteSM?
    SecureSiteSM offers added protection for your account by allowing you to select specific information that only you know and associate it with your unique account.

    No one else knows this information therefore your account is further protected by another layer than just your User ID and password.
    How does SecureSiteSM protect me?
    It is important to never share your challenge questions/answers with anyone, just like you would not tell anyone your password. This additional information, known only by you, provides additional protection to your account and privacy.
    Why do I need to setup challenge questions?
    Challenge questions provide a way for the system to confirm your identity in case of out of ordinary behavior on your account.
    How does the system know if I am signing in from my own computer?
    If you have chosen the "Remember This Computer" option, your computer will be registered with your SecureSiteSM Enhanced Login Profile so the system will recognize your computer.
    Can I access Start Right Online from multiple computers?
    Yes, you can access your online account from any computer that has a connection to the internet. You can also 'register' multiple computers for your account such as your home computer and work computer. We do NOT recommend registering any public computer to ensure the privancy of your information.
    Can I change my SecureSiteSM challenge questions?
    Yes, you can change your challenge questions at any time.
    Is there a fee for using SecureSiteSM?
    No, there is no fee for using SecureSiteSM

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